An Alternative To Rings: Custom Sports Pendants

Your team can now get custom sports pendants from Ring King.

Whether your team won the state championship game or an important tournament, it should be commemorated. Commemorating your season can be done in many ways. High schools commonly do this through championship rings. While this is a great and timeless option, there is another unique way to memorialize your team's success.

Championship sports pendants are a unique take on the championship ring. These championship sports pendants are flashy and eye-catching like championship rings but are worn around your neck. Continue reading to learn more.


Personalization Options for High School Championship Sport Pendants championship sports pendants have the same customizability as our rings. We can give your team an elegant and affordable way to commemorate their victory. These custom sports pendants have a variety of personalization options to fit the event and the team. Below are a few ways we can personalize and customize your team's sports pendants:

  • Have your team’s or school’s name, or even the school’s insignia, inscribed on the face of the pendant.
  • Include the name and/or the date of the specific championship or tournament won.
  • Include the player’s name, nickname, number, and/or position with the personalized pendant option.
  • Inscribe in bold lettering a laudatory word like CHAMPIONS on the face of the pendant.
  • Include sport-themed icons on the pendant


Affordable High School Championship Pendants

At, the pricing for high school championship pendants is the best around. Pendants start at just $4.99 per pendant (prices vary depending on the quantity purchased). Beautiful, customized, and individually personalized pendants start at just $49 per pendant (also depending upon quantity). With prices so affordable, it makes it easier on the school’s and parents’ budgets. Check out our pricing page for more specific details.

In addition, you can purchase from beautiful pendant boxes to present the pendants to the players and for storage when not worn.

If your high school sports team has significant wins this season, congratulate them with custom championship sports pendants from! Get started with a no-obligation quote. The team at Ring King is ready to help you develop ideas for your custom pendants.