Commemorate Wins With High School Championship Rings

When a high school team wins a championship, or a similar honor, it should be commemorated!


High School State Championship RingsChampionship rings are not just for adult leagues or professional sports. Great victories in high school athletics also deserve to be acknowledged with life-lasting symbols. Ring King creates custom high school football rings, high school basketball rings, and baseball, softball, track, swimming, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball…just about any sport! Great achievements in high school athletics should be memorialized, and no one answers this need better than!


Ring King has some of the lowest prices anywhere. Team championship rings start at $4.75 per ring, and personalized rings start at only $59! Prices range from there, depending upon how many customizations you’d like.


And speaking of customization, the possibilities for your high school team’s championship rings are all but limitless.


Want to include your team’s mascot or logo? Your ring can also include the name and date of the specific title or championship won or carry a more general sport-related image such as a football or a baseball bat. Perhaps the ring should be inscribed with the final score of the game, or the ranking assigned by the judges. Did someone pitch a no-hitter, or break a record? Should the team’s color scheme be used? You can even customize:

Gem Color For High School Championship Rings

We offer gemstones in an endless array of colors so that you can customize them with your team or organization’s specific color combinations. Reds, greens, blues, there is no stone color we can’t do. Choose from small accent stones to big and bold styles.

Championship Ring Metals & Tones

Our metals range from gold, silver, copper, and even black tones. We can completely customize surface and lacquer colors to create a look that will embody the spirit of your league or sports team.

Names, Logos & Mascotshigh school championship ring colors

All rings can be customized with wording that you select. Add things like championship name, team name, and year. Rings also can include images, like an icon of the sport, a school mascot, a state icon, or a school logo.


Check out the galleries here at and you’ll see there are endless possibilities of high school championship rings, as well as amazingly low prices. Contact us today and let’s begin the process of making your team’s memories last forever!

Commemorate Wins With High School Championship Rings