Custom Championship Rings - Who Gets Them & How Much Do They Cost

Your team has now won a tournament or a state championship and there are a lot of expectations and talk about championship rings from the kids.

It’s an exciting, brag-worthy moment for them and they want to show off that accomplishment. But parents worry about the cost. They’ve heard they may have to pay for them and that there are high prices for tournament rings.

If you are a team administrator, you have decisions to make when it comes to getting custom championship rings for your team. A common question is what will the rings cost and where should the money come from to purchase them.

Custom Championship Ring Prices

Custom Championship Rings

Shop around and you will find that custom sport rings can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some places charge as much as $600 for a custom tournament ring. 

At, we make it affordable to buy rings for the whole team and staff. Championship ring prices start at $4.99 for team tournament rings, plus a nominal one-time mold fee. Custom individual ring prices start at $49.99.

With prices like that, it’s easy to find the funds. Teams usually have three options for funding the purchase: The school or team pays for it out of funds, a fundraiser is held or parents and athletes pay for them directly.

With Ring King’s prices, it makes it easy to skip fundraising needs.

Championship Rings Can Be For All

Who should be included in the purchase of championship rings? Of course, after all of their hard work, the athletes will be receiving championship rings. Coaches also frequently are included in those receiving rings, as well as team managers. Some teams opt to include other staff members and administration too.

Get A Quote On Custom Rings

Now that you know how affordable Ring King rings can be, visit the pricing page to see pricing details. Then visit the quote page for a quick, no-obligation quote. Ring King’s championship ring experts will put together a custom quote and design details to help you make a decision and move forward with purchasing your team’s custom rings.