Custom Hockey Rings Available For All Ages

Do Hockey Players Get Hockey Rings?

The weather is turning colder, summer is transitioning to fall, and hockey players are gearing up for a new season and new opportunities for wins.

A question that gets asked a lot is if hockey players get championship and tournament rings.

It’s very well known that team sports like basketball and football often celebrate success and championships through custom rings, especially at the high school level. What about hockey?

The answer is “Yes!” Custom hockey rings are a great way to memorialize successes, no matter the league, position, or player age. Ring King has many options to choose from. 

custom hockey championship rings

Personalization Options For Custom Hockey Rings

Custom hockey rings at can give your team an affordable and commemorative way to celebrate victories. These custom rings have a variety of options to personalize for a tournament, championship, or team. Examples of available options include:

  • Your team’s or school’s name, or even the school’s insignia, inscribed on the face of the ring.
  • The name and/or the date of the specific championship or tournament won.
  • The hockey player’s name, nickname, number, and/or position with the personalized ring option.
  • Bold lettering of words like “CHAMPIONS” on the face of the ring.
  • Hockey-themed icons on the ring such as hockey pucks and sticks.
custom hockey rings

Check out some examples on our hockey ring page or see examples of all ring types in our gallery.


About Ring King

Established in 2018, Ring King provides an online shopping experience for custom sports & state championship rings. Our mission has been to provide sports teams and tournament organizers with quality award options at an affordable price point. Ring King is more than just a great product. You also receive great customer service, a simple ordering process, and free shipping every time.


Sport Ring Prices

If you shop around for sports rings for your team or tournament, you will find a variety of price points. Some places charge as much as $600 for a custom tournament ring.

At, we ensure an affordable way to buy rings for the whole team and staff. Our ring prices start at $4.99 for team tournament rings, plus a nominal one-time mold fee while our custom individual ring prices start at $49.99.


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