How To Create An Affordable, Custom Championship Ring For Your Team

Since 2018, Ring King has helped clients create their own custom championship ring. Working with coaches, schools and tournament organizers, we know how important it is to provide a high quality award ring at an affordable price.


affordable custom championship rings

Creating A Custom Championship Ring

The first step to creating a custom ring with Ring King is to view rings that we have designed for past clients in our gallery.  This way you can see examples of the possibilities and gain some ideas for the ring you’d like to create.

The next step is to think about the design wanted for the rings. Each mold includes a custom design, colors, logo and text. Our team will work with you to create the design for the custom championship ring.

To keep costs down, choose the team/tournament rings option, that provides all players and coaches with the same ring. Personalized rings with players and coaches names will cost more per ring.

Once you’ve thought about the ring design, logo and text, the next step is to contact the Ring King team. Even if you aren’t sure on the exact details of the ring’s design, our team can help you figure out what will work best. They’ll get started by giving you a quote and letting you know your available options.

Options For Affordable Sports Rings

custom championship rings

As mentioned earlier, you have several options in the design of the ring, even when creating a single standard design without personalization. Options available include:

  • a variety of colors of stones and metals
  • ring designs unique to the sport or team.
  • the option to have a team logo.
  • custom text commemorating the year, tournament or championship, and/or team.


How Affordable Are Custom Rings From Ring King

For a non-personalized (no individual names) custom championship ring, prices start at $4.99 and go up to $14.99. The more rings purchased, the lower the price is.

There is also a single mold fee for the design of the ring.

There is no fee for Ring King’s design services.  And all rings ship for free.

See all the details on pricing at our pricing page.


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