Rings For So Many Sports

The History Of Sports Rings

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As early as the 19th century, keepsakes started to be used as prizes in notable sports games. Originally, keepsakes ranged from pins and pocket watches. Finally, for the 1922 World Series, the New York Giants were given championship rings, and the idea has stuck ever since.

The most well-known North American championship rings are from the Super Bowl, the NBA championships, the World Series Champions, and the Stanley Cup. In each of these series, there is only one championship trophy that stays with the team. Players and officials wanted something they could take home to remember the accomplishment. And thus, the idea of individual championship rings came to be.

Rings For Everyone

By the 1930s, championship rings became a staple for the game, and over the next 30 years, the use of championship rings spread into a multitude of different sports. Fast forward to today, and rings are found in almost every sport and for all age groups.

For example, here at Ring King, we have made rings for the following sports teams:

Growth into Non-Traditional Sports

bowling champion ring

While traditional sports teams have been getting rings for ages, non-traditional sports have been emerging for year in the championship ring industry. With fully customizable ring, Ring King has the ability to create what you might need for sports such as:

  • Swimming
  • Track & field
  • Bowling
  • Marathons and Triathlons
  • Fantasy Football and E-Sports
  • Weightlifting
  • Dodgeball
  • Lacrosse
  • And many more!

Get a Custom Ring

Are you wondering about design options on a ring for your team? You can start a conversation with Ring King and get a no-obligation quote and design.

Ring King’s championship ring experts will put together a custom quote and design details to help you make a decision and move forward with purchasing your team’s custom rings.

We’d recommend getting started right away. Please plan for at least 45 days until delivery.