We've Got Spirit: Cheer Championship Rings

Championship rings - something you think about for baseball, basketball, and football. But have you considered cheer championship rings?

In the vibrant world of cheerleading, where enthusiasm, teamwork, and spirit reign supreme, you can create a ring that fits both their drive and style. 

Do All Cheerleading Teams Receive Championship Rings?

Cheerleaders get the opportunity to participate in many competitions and many cheer teams take advantage of the opportunity. While championship rings are a common tradition in many competitive cheerleading circuits, not all teams receive them. Typically, championship rings are awarded to teams that achieve top placements in prestigious competitions and tournaments.

If you are the director of a cheer competition or a state tournament, consider providing cheer rings to your top placers as an incentive to those who took the time and money to compete and win. This gives them something to be proud about, drives them to excel, and provides continued publicity of your competition as they wear them.


What Do Cheer Rings Look Like?

Your cheerleaders want something with style and that can totally be accomplished with cheer rings.

Just like other sports rings, cheerleader rings can incorporate elements that represent the tournament, event, team or club.

Create a masterpiece with each ring by considering adding icons depicting cheer icons like pom poms and megaphones and your tournament logo. Incorporate multiple stone colors to represent your tournament brand. Add in the competition name, year, and their place in the tournament.

Sports rings are crafted from a variety of materials, ranging from precious metals  to durable alloys, depending on their price.

Don't worry about all the design elements - a quality ring maker will help you design the perfect ring.

Can You Customize a Cheer Championship Ring?

Some tournaments give winners the opportunity to customize their championship rings, adding personalized elements. Whether incorporating initials, dates, or other meaningful symbols, customization allows champions to imbue their rings with even greater significance.

How Much Do Championship Rings Cost?


The cost of championship rings can vary significantly depending on factors such as materials used, custom elements, and the company designing the ring. While some rings may be relatively expensive, you can find ring designers that can provide you an exceptional price, making it easy to provide rings for many winners.

At Ring King, you will find some of the most affordable sport ring prices on the market. Rings can be as inexpensive as $4.99 (USD), even custom designed sports rings.

Want to explore designing and quoting out cheer championship rings for your upcoming competition? Visit our Get Started page for a hassle-free quote and to start the process. Our sport ring experts will help you design the ring that is perfect for your spirit squads!