Trophy Rings - What Are They?

If you’re looking at this website, you’ve already seen how elegant and appealing a trophy ring can be, as well as all the different ways your ring can be customized. What you might not know is that trophy rings have a long and celebrated history, especially in North America. In fact, the first-ever trophy ring was ordered by the Montreal Hockey Club for its players after they won the 1893 Stanley Cup championship! Now, numerous sports teams - not just hockey - have adopted this tradition...


What is a trophy ring, exactly? 

trophy ring

A trophy ring, also known as a championship ring, is a collectible memento. Trophy rings are individually awarded to coaches and team players - a distinction from a traditional trophy typically awarded to the team as a whole. Coaches and players can be gifted rings for a more personal symbol of their victory. 

As previously mentioned, trophy rings are pretty unique to North American sports. Football, basketball, and baseball rings are extremely popular; the winning team most often pays for and distributes them.

What’s the difference between a trophy ring and a team ring? 

The main difference between the two is that, while team rings are meant to commemorate the athlete's time on a team, a trophy ring (or championship ring) is awarded only after a championship victory. The main purpose of a trophy ring is to commemorate the event and the win. 


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Should I invest in trophy rings for my team?

Whether you are a coach or an event manager, rewarding your team with trophy rings is a great way to make sure that your big win is never forgotten. Gift your teammates with an enduring symbol of their achievement! Contact us today to discuss all your customization options! 


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