Why Sports Teams Get Rings for Winning Championships: A History of Sports Rings

Handing out trophies works fine in individual sports. But when you have an entire winning team, who gets to display the trophy? This conundrum is why sports rings were originally created. With the advent of sports rings, all members of the team could now have a championship item to display.

The History and Tradition of Sports Rings

The tradition of awarding championship rings to sports teams dates back over a century. The idea of rewarding athletes with rings for their achievements can be traced back to the late 19th century. It was the Montreal Hockey Club who created the first sports ring after winning the 1893 Stanley Cup. Back then, the ring looked similar to a wedding ring with two engraved hockey sticks.

Championship rings quickly gained popularity and became a symbol of accomplishment and prestige. The New York Giants gave out championship rings following their 1922 World Series title.

These early rings were relatively modest in design, often featuring a simple band with an engraved team emblem. Over time, as professional sports evolved and grew in popularity, the tradition of championship rings became more elaborate and prestigious.

These rings have evolved from simple bands to art - with team logos, player names, and intricate designs that capture the essence of the victory.

Championship rings have become iconic symbols in the sports world. They are treasured by players and coaches and revered by fans and collectors. The display of these rings is often a focal point in sports museums and serves as a testament to the team's success.

One of the most iconic championship rings in sports history is the Chicago Bulls' 1997-1998 NBA Championship ring. This ring commemorates the Bulls' sixth NBA title and features six diamonds, representing each championship won during the Michael Jordan era.

Another unforgettable championship ring is the New England Patriots' Super Bowl LI ring, which features a stunning 283 diamonds to symbolize their historic comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

No Longer Just For Professionals!

Sports Teams Get Rings

Youth, college, and high school athletes have seen the rings the professionals are awarded for years. The costs of gold and diamond rings customized by luxury jewelers were something that professional athletes and teams could afford. 

With manufacturing advances, sports rings can now be created in larger quantities, and with varying materials, to keep costs down. This has allowed sports teams of all sizes to be able to afford rings for their athletes. Now sports rings are something all athletes can proudly display for their achievements.

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