Bulk Sports Rings vs. Custom Personalized Rings

Here at Ring King, we will make any ring order your team needs. There are two typical types of orders that we receive - a general bulk sports rings order or a more custom, personalized order. 

While both types of sports rings are personalized, each different type has their own unique reasons to be purchased. Each serves a different purpose in awarding team members.


bulk sports rings

Custom Bulk Sports Rings

When ordering rings for a tournament or team, or a participation ring for a certain league or event, go with a custom bulk sports ring.

For example, if you run a marathon event, you can provide “swag” for people who simply finish the race. In this instance, you'd often order these prizes in bulk, and it is a great example of what custom bulk ring orders could be used for.

The same goes for baseball tournaments, where all participants or all winners are getting a standard ring. Ordering bulk sports rings can be customized for your event, but all receive the same ring.

Bulk sport rings still have the ability to be personalized with times, dates, logos, and teams. The only difference is each ring will be the same as the next, and there are higher minimums.

The beauty of this deal is that the more you order, the lower the cost of each ring. We have a great chart on our pricing page for more details on how bulk ring orders can save you money.

Custom Personalized Rings 

Even though a team might win a championship and get a trophy, what can the individual players take home? Taking a custom ring home and being able to have it with you allows for reflection of memories beyond sitting on a shelf. They can say that they are all “part of a championship effort.” Generally, this type of order is a lower ring count, and does cost a more than bulk rings.

Custom rings also allow for a bit more of personalization. Custom sports rings from Ring King have a variety of options, but with custom rings, you will have more options than bulk rings. For example, you can:

  • Add the team name or logo to the face of the ring, the team motto or saying can be added
  • Include the name and/or the date of the specific championship or tournament won
  • Add the player’s name, nickname, number, and/or position with the personalized ring option


Ring King Team

Established in 2018, Ring King has embarked on a mission to provide teams and tournament organizers with affordable, quality award options for their teams. Along with a great product, Ring King values the customer experience and understands that with custom bulk ring orders, great customer service is essential. Ring King prides themselves on how simple the ordering process is and how much they value communication with their customers. Everyone at Ring King is passionate about getting your custom rings perfect for your championship teams. 


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