Who Pays for High School State Championship Rings?

Making it to a state championship, no matter the sport, is a big deal and a huge accomplishment. The nostalgia of a high school state championship is something that should be commemorated. High school state championship rings are the perfect way to do just that. The aura around championship rings can be confusing. One of the most asked questions surrounding this topic is “who pays for them?” 

High School State Championship Ring

Who Pays for High School State Championship Rings?

The answer varies. It can actually be purchased or funded several ways.

In some cases, the Booster Club will pay for them. The Booster Club is usually an organization within high schools, often run by parents and supporters of athletic programs, that financially supports high school athletic teams.

Sometimes, the high school and team may pay for it through fundraising.

Another common way for them to be paid for is to have the player and their parents pay for their state championship ring.

In a few instances, the community may pitch in. In an article by Meredith McCown, a community in Collinsville, OK, did just that.

Another way that high school state championship rings can be paid for is through corporate sponsorships. Many businesses and organizations are willing to sponsor high school athletics, including championship rings, as a way to support their local community and promote their brand. This can be a win-win situation for both the school and the sponsor.

Whatever the instance, Ring King makes funding easier with its affordable pricing. Which leads us to another popular question, how much do custom sports rings cost?

How Much Do State Championship Rings Cost?

Championship rings are marketed at a variety of prices. With Ring King’s prices, less budgeting and fundraising are required. This is because we offer more affordable pricing than competitors but keep the same high quality.

The most inexpensive option is stock rings, which feature the sport and the word "champions" on the ring.

Custom team rings range from $4.99 to $16.99. Looking to have a custom personalized ring made? Ring King offers customized pieces starting at $49.00 each. Check out our pricing page for full details tailored to your needs.

Ring King offers championship rings for sports like:

Where Can You Buy High School State Championship Rings?

You can find a variety of high-quality championship rings on RingKingAwards.com! Pick your favorite style, design your ring, and get a free quote when you visit the website. Customization may include any wording of your choice, an image, and a type of metal including gold, silver, and copper. View Ring King’s gallery for a full list of designs. Championship rings don’t have to be the huge investment that the competition makes it out to be, check out our pricing today!

Overall, the answer to who pays for high school state championship rings is not always clear-cut. The cost can be covered by a variety of sources, including booster clubs, school districts, corporate sponsorships, fundraising efforts, or even the athletes themselves. Regardless of how they are paid for, these rings are a cherished symbol of athletic achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication of high school athletes.